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Green Card Lottery Experts is a private company and has no affiliation with the U.S. government. Our company was founded on the simple mission of helping foreign nationals to qualify for the Green Card Lottery.

Register for the official United States Diversity Visa Lottery Program with Green Card Lottery Experts.

Our foundation is built by individuals who have been providing immigration tips and services and helping immigrants to the United States for more than a decade.

With Green Card Lottery Experts Immigration Services’ Guarantee, you will always have complete access to experienced advisers who will guide you through the application process, ensuring guaranteed participation in the Green Card Lottery Program.

At Green Card Lottery Experts, we pledge to provide you with all the immigration help you require. Perhaps you wish to work or study in the USA – whatever your American Dream, Green Card Lottery Experts will assist you throughout the entire Greencard DV Lottery process.

If you desire to receive US citizenship, to work in America or even to retire in the USA, Green Card Lottery Experts will find your USA immigration solution.


Why Green Card Lottery Experts?

With Green Card Lottery Experts' services, registration for the U.S. DV Lottery is easy. Simply complete your forms and allow our experts to review and submit them for you. Countless people have received their green cards using Green Card Lottery Expert guaranteed service advantages.

  • Year-round registration
  • Twenty-four hour application access lets you change important information on your application as you need
  • Online and 24-hour client access to our support experts including telephone support in many languages
  • Photo and Graphics departments – Our expert photo and graphics departments will ensure that your ID photos meet guideline standards
  • Hassle free long-term submission – With Green Card Lottery Experts, fill out one application and submit it for multiple DV lotteries.
  • Guidance – Green Card Lottery Experts provides vital information for your entire immigration procedure. We keep the process clean and transparent. We want to guarantee that you will be fully prepared for the Green Card.

What do Green Card Lottery Experts' services cost?

With Green Card Lottery Experts, you are paying for our services and expertise. Participation in the Diversity Visa Lottery Program is free of charge through the United States Department of State website. Upon registering with Green Card Lottery Experts, we guarantee that your application will not be one of millions disqualified each year. Green Card Lottery Experts will provide all of our clients with exceptional support and guidance.

Our pledge is that all Green Card Lottery Experts clients and selectees will receive access to the best immigration support system available. Green Card Lottery Experts offers multiple packages and rates to meet our clients’ different needs. Register or speak with one of our experts today!

At Green Card Lottery Experts, consumer awareness is our paramount concern. Green Card Lottery Experts keeps your best interests in mind throughout the entire process. We understand that there are many fraudulent services offering Green Cards – many of these emails appear legitimate. Green Card fraud is real. Never respond to any email claiming that you have already won a Green Card and asking you to wire money for processing fees.

The Green Card Lottery Experts Guarantee

Depending on whether you were born in a qualifying country, have at least a high school education or at least two years of select work experience, you will not be required to provide a CV or any type of familial or employee sponsorship. All you need to do is satisfy a few basic requirements to enter and win a Diversity Visa.

Green Card Lottery Experts guarantees every application’s submission into the USA Green Card Lottery Program. We guarantee to give you up-to-date immigration expertise and to best prepare you for your new life in America. Don’t risk automatic disqualification for common errors. Allow our experts to complete your forms and guarantee that your identification photographs are digitized and pixilated according to the U.S. State Department’s strict guidelines. With the Green Card Lottery Experts Guarantee, you can participate worry-free for as long as you wish.