Participation Guaranteed!

Millions of people apply for immigration to the USA through the DV-Lottery Program every year, but unfortunately, many of them are disqualified and don’t participate in the DV-Lottery because they made mistakes on their applications or provided photos that didn’t meet US government standards. Thus, the Green Card Lottery Experts company was established several years ago to guarantee 100% participation in the DV-Lottery for its clients! Green Card Lottery Experts helps thousands of people every year prepare and submit their applications correctly to the DV-Lottery for a chance to immigrate to the United States.

Professional Assistance

Our professionals stay up-to-date with the latest US government regulations for participation in the DV-Lottery, including what information must be included in the application and the current standards for the required photos. Well-trained customer service agents are also available year-round to provide assistance and answer questions in several languages during the process. The user-friendly online application form we created for our customers simplifies the process of preparing your DV-Lottery application in advance of the official submission to the Lottery during the registration period. Once you
have completed your online application form, our experts review your application to make sure everything meets the official US government standards for the DV-Lottery Program. We then submit your application to the DV-Lottery on your behalf during the registration period, contact you promptly if you win, and can also provide you with guidance and assistance for taking the next steps in the immigration process to the United States. For your convenience, we can even submit your application for multiple years to the DV-Lottery and we make it easy for you to update your application, as needed.

Special Immigration

In order to make immigration to the USA through the DV-Lottery Program as easy as possible, the Green Card Lottery Experts offers its clients Special Immigration Packages that provide many great benefits at an excellent price. Green Card Lottery Experts clients who are selected in the DV-Lottery can receive professional guidance from experienced immigration lawyers during the crucial Consular Interview stage, to simplify the procedure for them and make sure their forms are completed and submitted correctly. Green Card Lottery Experts even created subsidized airline ticket packages and affordable accommodation solutions so clients who are issued a Diversity Visa can have their travel to the USA and initial housing once they arrive in America taken care of. With the professional assistance of the Green Card Lottery Experts, applying for immigration to the USA through the DV-Lottery Program has never been easier!